A Brief List of Promising Turkish Internet Startups 

Bionluk is the leading freelancer marketplace in Turkey. It brings together the freelancers and customers creating a vibrant marketplace. It raised funds from BIC Angels in 2015 to push further growth. Being the leading freelancer marketplace of Turkey, Bionluk takes up the responsibility of creating and improving the freelancer market seriously, Turkey has a population of about 80mio of which big majority is below 30 years old therefore it presents great opportunities for online freelance space.

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Kolayrandevu is a SaaS Startup providing Beauty Salons with an online booking software as well as an online marketplace. Kolayrandevu raised seed funds in 2015 from eniyihekim.com founder Altay Tınar and later in early 2016 angel funds from BIC Angels. Although their commercial launch was only in December 2015, they have been able to register more than 400 salons in Istanbul before the end of Jan 16. With the financing rounds successfully completed, entrepreneurs are planning to focus on growth to strengthen their leading position in their niche.   

Parasut is a cloud basis invoicing and receivables management SaaS startup. It is the leader of the  Accounting SaaS market in Turkey with more than 10k SMBs using the site as of April 2015. Parasut is co-founded by Sean Yu, Fahri Ozkaramanli and Andac Turkmen in 2013. They have raised their first round investment from Turkey’s Revo Capital in Feb 2015 for about 1.5mio TRY (500k USD). Second round followed in Apr 2015, this time the investor was Silicon Valley originated Ribbit Capital which invested about 3.7mio TRY (1.3mio USD).

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Iyzico provides on-line payment services to e-commerce sites and SMBs. Founded by Barbaros Ozbugutu and Tahsin Isin in 2012, Iyzico raised first round financing in Jun 2013 for 2.5mio TRY (1.3mio USD) from Pahicle Invest and Beenos Asia. When it raised second round financing in Aug 2014, it had already registered 4000 business of which 850 was actively using the platform. A Turkish VC 212 and first round investor Pahicle syndicated for the total of 2.9mio TRY (1.8mio USD) in the second round. Finally the third round financing took place in Mar 2015 with 212 VC, Speedinvest Invest, Endeavor Catalyst joining the deal which was led by International Finance Corporation (IFC) for 16mio TRY (5.7mio USD).

Temizlikyolda is a marketplace where cleaning service providers and users meet. Its categories include dry cleaning, house/office cleaning, carpet & curtain cleaning and various other cleaning services. Founded by Kibar brothers Hakan and Koray Kibar in early 2014. Temizlikyolda raised first round financing in Feb 2015 from BIC Angels for 500k TRY (180k USD). It provides services in 8 cities in Turkey and Northern Cyprus.

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Armut is a marketplace where users can open bids for their service needs such as repair, cleaning, transportation, maintenance, events and various others. It is founded by Basak Taspinar Degim in 2011. Armut raised first round financing from Hummingbird Ventures in early 2014, although the deal’s figure is not disclosed it is estimated that Armut raised about 500k Euro. As of end of 2015, it has 80k service provider registered and 415k orders.

Yodiviki is Turkey’s first online short audio content provider. It has audio categories like personal development, kids, seminar & conference, short stories and various others. Founded by Goksenin Goksel and Doruktan Turker in 2014, it has produced more than 500 audio contents in Turkish  by the end of 2015 and counting. Yodiviki’s ultimate goal is to enable users to upload their original contents and benefit from its intellectual property rights.

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As their name suggests, Erasmusinn provide a marketplace for Erasmus students looking for housing and space owners who would like to rent their places. It is AirBNB of Erasmus students, of course the startup targets not only Erasmus exchange students but also any student exchange program or individual students. Erasmusinn receives 4% from host and 12% from student on total rent amount. Already operating in 12 European cities and created over 15,000 days of accommodation as of Feb 2106, Erasmusinn targets USA and Australian market.

https://www.speakmates.com is one of most recent startups of Turkey. We can describe what they are trying to do as the Language Vertical of Meetup.com. Speakmates.com is providing a platform where native or international Language Mentors and people who would like to practice speaking a foreign language in small groups find each other and meet in cozy locations.